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It all begins by signing up as a Mannatech Associate. By becoming a part of the Mannatech family, you’ll be on the path to creating your ideal life. Whether you’re looking for a few extra dollars, or pursuing an opportunity to replace a full-time income, Mannatech has the way. Finally, your dreams can become real!

Benefits of becoming an Associate:

  • Ability to build across borders with a global, seamless Compensation Plan.
  • Six ways to earn that give you control over your income and how you make it.
  • Exclusive trips and incentives to exotic locations to help with building your business.
  • Increased Loyalty Rewards so you can earn faster and receive FREE product quicker.
  • Large online library full of resources and tools that help you share and build with success.
  • Partnership with the M5M Foundation to help get proper nourishment to children in need.
  • Global events and meetings designed to educate, motivate and set you on the path to reaching your dreams.

My friend’s account number seems to have gone missing. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you’ll need that number so we can make sure you are connected to the friend who referred you. After you get their account number, just come back here and follow the directions above!

No referral? No problem.

Don’t fret because we know our products are the best and we don’t want anyone to miss out. Click here to purchase our products; you’ll even get a chance to become a Member during the process.

Meetings and Events Galore!

At Mannatech, our people are our most important asset. We work to make every Associate feel valued, special and an integral part of our success. That’s why we acknowledge crowning achievements with awards and special recognition while offering exciting incentive programs to nurture your passion and keep you motivated.


With Mannatech, you’re not just in business to bring good to those you meet. You’re actually in business to change the world. Every time a product is purchased from Mannatech, a monetary donation is made to the M5M℠ Foundation, which is used to purchase nutrient-rich PhytoBlend™ powder that’s distributed worldwide to children in need. Help transform their lives by getting started today!

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