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Earn Loyalty Points on Every Monthly Subscription


Variety of probiotic bacteria to maintain healthy digestion

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The human gut is a crowded neighbourhood with over 500 species of bacteria resident in the adult gastrointestinal tract, mostly in the large bowel. Bacteria live in the gut in peaceful coexistence, helping us to keep out disease-causing bacteria, keeping our immune system healthy and maintaining the lining of the bowel. This neighbourhood of microbiota is supported by probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics provide the benefit, prebiotics feed the probiotics to do their job and enhance the overall health of the gut. GI-ProBalance Slim Sticks are easy to use and contain both prebiotics and probiotics to help give you the maximum support for the healthy gut. The combination of the two gives a “synergistic” effect – they work together as a symbiotic in all areas of the digestive system!

AU Patent 2008251346; NZ Patent No. 581043; SG Patent No. 156894

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