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Helps enhance general health and wellbeing

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  • Antioxidant/Reduce free radicals formed in the body
  • Helps enhance/promote general health and wellbeing
  • Anti-inflammatory/relieve inflammation
  • Traditionally used in North American herbal medicine to helps decrease/reduce/relieve mild muscle spasms/twitches


How long should I take BounceBack capsules before I can expect to feel optimal results?

Allow 4-6 weeks for optimal results, based on a study conducted by Udani, J., Singh, B., Singh, V. (2009). BounceBack capsules for reduction of DOMS after eccentric exercise: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study. J Int Soc Sports Nutr.

What are phytosterols?

Phytosterols (beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol) from unsaponifiable avocado and soy extract help support joint health.

What is turmeric?

A member of the ginger family, turmeric helps reduce soreness and stiffness due to overexertion or physical activity.

Why do I need to take BounceBack capsules on an empty stomach?

In order to achieve the optimal benefits of the proteolytic enzymes to reduce soreness and stiffness, it is recommended to take BounceBack capsules on an empty stomach. Taking BounceBack capsules on an empty stomach allows the enzymes to be absorbed rather than functioning as a digestive aid.

What is dioscorea?

Dioscorea is wild yam root that provides phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant sterols that can aid in the relief of muscular cramps and spasms.

How do BounceBack capsules differ from the current SPORT with Ambrotose® product?

BounceBack capsules are the newest cutting-edge fitness solution technology. Formulated with proteolytic enzymes and phytosterols, BounceBack capsules are designed to provide anti-inflammatory effects and temporary relief from pain associated with minor injuries. (Allow 4-6 weeks for optimal benefits.)

What are proteolytic enzymes?

Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes like protease and bromelain that break down protein and have anti-inflammatory effects and may reduce swelling, bruising, healing time and pain following surgery or minor injury.

What are the dietary ingredients that make BounceBack capsules beneficial?

The combination of a proteolytic enzyme blend, dioscorea and curcumin in BounceBack capsules work together as an anti-inflammatory as well as reduce soreness and stiffness from a minor injury or an operation.

What is DOMS?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is the soreness you feel in your muscles after physical exertion. Mannatech's BounceBack capsules can help reduce this soreness when taken daily over time.

What is curcumin?

A member of the ginger family, is a potent antioxidant which when consumed in concentrated doses shows positive effects as an anti-inflammatory.

Are the claims for BounceBack capsules the same in every country?

No, each country has its own regulatory body that governs products and claims.

  • Bromelain – a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the root and stem of the pineapple which helps reduce bruising, and swelling from minor injuries;
  • Curcumin – a member of the ginger family, is a potent antioxidant;
  • Resveratrol – a phytoalexin that is found in Japanese knotweed, red grape skins and berries. It is known for its antioxidant effects.

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