Mannatech Loyalty Program

Mannatech rewards you for a healthy habit!

Mannatech rewards you for a healthy habit!
What is the Mannatech Loyalty Program?

We have found a way to reward you for your commitment to supplementing on a regular basis with Mannatech products.  It’s called the Mannatech Loyalty Program.

The Loyalty Program is your ticket to earning a 20% credit on every Automatic order you place. This credit can be redeemed towards a free product. You can redeem your credit for the first time when you generate an Automatic order for three Business Periods in a row. The credit then accrues every consecutive Business Period thereafter.

Setting your order to be delivered to your door-step automatically is not only convenient but it means the benefits of the products you are taking will keep “topping up”, contributing towards your ongoing health and wellness. Read about why it is important to supplement on a regular basis.

If you are a Mannatech Associate, your Automatic order will generate every 28 days (one Business Period).

If you are a Member, your Automatic order will generate on the same date every month.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you join Mannatech as an Associate and setup an Automatic order for $200 worth of Mannatech products.

Each time your Automatic order generates every 28 days, you will earn 40 Loyalty points (i.e. 20% of the $200 Automatic order value).

After three (3) Automatic orders have generated consecutively, you will have $120 worth of Loyalty points applied to your account.

loyalty 2

After this initial period of three consecutive Automatic orders, you will then accrue points for every consecutive Automatic order you place thereafter. If you miss an Automatic order, you will have to reorder for another three Business Periods in order to start accruing points again.

You can redeem these points for free product by contacting our Customer Service team:

  • Australia 1300 361 878
  • New Zealand 0800 333 250
  • Singapore 800 130 1597.

With our Loyalty Program, you get more rewards, more products and more benefits. Should you have any further questions, contact the person who introduced you to Mannatech or our Customer Service team.

Here’s what our Associates have to say about the Mannatech Loyalty Program:

“I’m so excited about the Loyalty Program! The 20% credit will give me the opportunity to try some new products that aren’t part of my regular Automatic order. I can even use my points to purchase extra products that I can give away to others or use as samples. So many benefits.”
Sandra Beaumont, NSW, Australia

Important Things To Know

  • Loyalty points will be calculated on the product purchase price only (excluding delivery charges).
  • Associate transactions are based on Associates prices.
  • Member transactions are based on Member prices.

Your Automatic order does not have to be the same dollar value every Business Period. It just needs to generate for at least three (3) consecutive Business Periods to earn the initial Loyalty points and then every consecutive Business Period thereafter to keep accruing.